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  1. WaTer_MeLoN

    Weird glitch with 12 days of Christmas (pls help if you can!)

    Mine says already open
  2. WaTer_MeLoN

    What is your opinion on America and Americans at this moment?

    At the moment I think the USA is sitting in a bad position with all that’s going on. However, it’s a solid vacation spot. Good weather, fairly close by and no snow for the most part.
  3. WaTer_MeLoN

    EVENT MONOAWARDS: Nominee Voting

    Best Roleplayer @Green Gatorade Water Bottle and @GotSlums Top Fragger @denzel george @Klaus Top VDMer @LosoLoaded @MRC Best Base Builder @NotDM @kyubi1098 Best Mayor: Jones Gill Best Law Enforcement Official @Prx Jek @Yung Stunna Most Comedic Player @GotSlums
  4. WaTer_MeLoN

    EVENT [CSGO] Community CSGO Tournament

    Double elimination I suggest it be like real csgo tournaments where 1st place gets 1mil 2nd 500k and 3rd like 100k. And maybe a celebration in-game
  5. WaTer_MeLoN

    Counter Raiding Cops with Home Ownership

    I dont think you should count a map change as the community voting for something and it not working out because when people experience the lag on that map it makes sense that players stop playing. People may have wanted it but on any map lag ruins the experience.
  6. WaTer_MeLoN

    Counter Raiding Cops with Home Ownership

    Just curious, can you specify which suggestion you are talking about. Also, I’m sure that it’s not only me that noticed that you are listening to what we have to say because it wasnt denied and locked right away. I appreciate the communication and love the debate type discussion going on. Glad...
  7. WaTer_MeLoN

    Counter Raiding Cops with Home Ownership

    +support for me I’ve seen many amazing points in this thread so far. By the looks of it so far more people are in favour of abolishing the rule but that can change quickly. I feel like this could greatly enhance cop raids and make them more interesting for cops and players. Many times when...
  8. WaTer_MeLoN

    Boel Beter's Book Club

    Very good story
  9. WaTer_MeLoN

    Chad's Leaf shop

    I will be online in a couple of hours, like 6 or 7pm EST
  10. WaTer_MeLoN

    Chad's Leaf shop

    Name: Klarj veira Org: Legacy Order: 30x stacks Tip: Depends on how fast the order gets done and how smooth the transaction is.
  11. WaTer_MeLoN

    Nick's Organic Leaf Shop

    Dont worry we know
  12. WaTer_MeLoN

    Nick's Organic Leaf Shop

    Name: klarj veira Order: 40x stacks Org: Legacy Final Price (how much does it all cost in total): $48,000
  13. WaTer_MeLoN

    FEEDBACK Why do people not base anymore

    IMO, because of the costly and time consuming grind for guns, new players don’t base because of the risk of losing them.
  14. WaTer_MeLoN

    Clearing out my prem box [Guns for sale]

    Name: Klarj Veira Order: 2x LR-300 Price: $28,000 (i’ll only buy if at 100% durability)