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  1. ajcano

    Ajcano (Clint Allen) Driving appeal In the correct format.

    Your Steam Name: Ajcano Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:182298130 Your Character Name: Clint Allen Which Staff blacklisted you: Forsai What were you blacklisted from: Driving Blacklist Reason: Fail Driving Unblacklist Reason: Hello, today I was blacklisted for driving because I accidentally crashed...
  2. T

    Tristan's autoexec.cfg

    // Tristan's GMod Config // v1.7 cl_forcepreload 0 cl_smooth 0 cl_threaded_bone_setup 1 cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 1 fps_max 0 gmod_mcore_test 1 mat_bloomscale 0 mat_bumpmap 1 mat_disable_bloom 1 mat_hdr_enabled 0 mat_hdr_level 0 mat_queue_mode 2 mat_specular 1 r_drawmodeldecals 0...
  3. T

    [TIP] If you're crashing while connecting to the rust server, try this...

    This only applies if you have discord open. For some reason the Discord overlay was crashing my rush when trying to join the new server, it took me forever to find this out. Just go to Discord User Settings > Game Activity > Uncheck the little overlay monitor icon to the right of rust to turn...
  4. TheGamingWaffle_

    Joining Issues

    Hello I have issues playing on the server, it is not my first time trying to join but I have never got past the initializing screen. When i do get in after 5 seconds the following error shows up: [ERROR] gamemodes/darkrp/entities/entities/ent_itembox.lua:58: attempt to call method 'IsPremium'...
  5. Jordan

    Refund Me Please

    In-Game name: Jordan Cunnington Steam name: Jordan Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:144531251 Date and time of loss: 12/9/17 Around 2:00 pm EST What happened: I was crafting 2 boxes of pistol ammo and while i was crafting them. the server crashed, i lost 2 boxes of pistol ammo and my metalworking bench...
  6. SavageLeeon

    My game always crash ! (Pls Help i cant play anymore...)

    I dont know why but my game always crash when i play like 2 hours sometimes after 5 minutes... So no one wants to help me? Error Codes: Crash reason: EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW Crash address: 0x666ead09 Link to the error codes...
  7. angry italian grand dad

    Lost a little over 10k due to the server crashing

    In-Game name: Paulie Pellegrino Steam name: angry italian grand dad Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:146761609 Date and time of loss: Around 1:40 AM (CST) on 6/21/17 What happened: Was growing with a friend of mine Candi Pellegrino, and we were just about to harvest the plants and pick up the drug...
  8. D

    Lost about 3k-4k

  9. Nicca

    Ryoto Kyoto - refund req #2