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  1. Canuck

    Making Weed Legal In The City Of True North

    Weed is a legal drug in 11 US States despite US Federal Law, It is also illegal in all of Canada to persons over the age of 19. I believe we should make the change towards making weed a legal drug within the city and allow it to be grown with a given weed card from the Police and or Mayor. This...
  2. nox

    Refund Request, Lost Weed, Pots, Soil, and Foiled Weed (including 22 in inventory)

    In-Game Name: Nox Blood Steam Name: nox SteamID: STEAM_0:0:138632134 Date and time of loss: 7:04 MST | 9/11/18 What happened: Server crash What do you need refunded: x8 Wet hash, x1 Dried Hash, x2 Foiled Hash, 1 Microwave, 1 Foiling Machine, x22 Foiled Hash (inventory), x9 Pots, x5 Soil...
  3. fruitwasp

    weed smoke error in console