Refund Request, Lost Weed, Pots, Soil, and Foiled Weed (including 22 in inventory)

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Sep 3, 2018
In-Game Name: Nox Blood
Steam Name: nox
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:138632134
Date and time of loss: 7:04 MST | 9/11/18
What happened: Server crash

What do you need refunded: x8 Wet hash, x1 Dried Hash, x2 Foiled Hash, 1 Microwave, 1 Foiling Machine, x22 Foiled Hash (inventory), x9 Pots, x5 Soil Bags, x9 Marijuana Seeds (inventory)
Evidence: The screenshots below, the server crash and that I've done a batch and a half before I continued this one. I was around 50 bags sold before this so if there's enough belief to get my inventory things back.


Deleted member 902

Refund request accepted. please collect your items in game.
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