Armor Balance Rework

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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Forum Moderator
Police Supervisor
Jun 12, 2021
Type of feedback: suggestion

Title: armor balance rework

At the current moment in time armor can be a bit unfair for police and criminals alike.

I suggest reworking armor so that purchased armor gives the most protection crafted armor gives the least and gov armor is somewhere in between (to offset cops having meds and multiple lives).

Gov armor currently is very weak and does next to nothing to help while crafted kev is so easy to obtain and it appears to be the same as purchased kev making crafted kev way too strong compared to the others.

Also instead of armor giving you a damage reduction it should just give you a flat increase in health because currently wearing armor makes you a bullet sponge.

(Also as a side note please in the item description for Kevlar please write how much each one protects)

Doom Guy

Monolith Veteran
Nov 3, 2020
I’m pretty sure crafted kev have 50% damage reduction and GOV and purchased armor have 60%

Said by TJ himself


Monolith Expert
Dec 3, 2016
Liverpool, United Kingdom
It should not give you a flat increase in health - that'll cause issues with healing?

I will review the possibility of levelling the Police armor to match Kevlar & Helmet in the future. Including showing stats in the UI.
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