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Mar 18, 2020
Your Steam Name: 999
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:155562852
Your Character Name (If Applicable): David Lewis

Admin being reported( Tag by writing @ before their forum name) @Balldrip

Reason for Report: Not knowing the rules/ blacklisting me from advert and abuse of powers( there was zero reason for me to get a gambling blacklist). I was blacklisted from gambling/ advert for metagame when I told someone to come raid me in /advert after he threatened my friend in game AKA IN CHARACTER. The rules states "Metagaming is not allowed. Any kind of information you gain via OOC may not be used IC. Any IC information may not be provided in OOC.This excludes helping out new players in OOC asking specific questions for their start." Where is the metagame in my actions? It isn't there! AND IVE GOT NO IDEA WHY THIS TIES INTO GAMBLING!!!

Time of Occurrence: 11:00 PM EST
Evidence to support your claim: My Blacklist

Additional members involved/witnessing: Just me
Read, understood and followed staff report rules?: Y


MRP Server Director
MRP Server Director
Forum Moderator
Nov 3, 2019
The blacklist reason says you misused ad, and from what you explained you did indeed misuse ad, you were warned initially by balldrip and you continued. Also according to balldrip, the gambling blacklist was issued as a mistake and removed immediately. As of now, I see no misuse of powers as this situation was handled correctly by balldrip.

Staff Report Denied.

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