Ban Appeal for Hankins Jenson

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Jul 29, 2018
Steam Name: Geemanona
Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from STEAM_0:0:146384103
Your Character Name: Hankins Jenson

Ban Length: 24 Hours
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): Console

Ban Reason: So while I was playing the game there were mass large raising at Lower Alder street by a guy who was driving White Omni car with an MP9. I was Sergent 2 but I changed my jobs to become SWAT Commander and I was gonna park my car at the front of the PD. I equipped myself with a SCAR Rifle equipped with a Grenade launcher. While I was communicating with my peers on the radio about the recent 911 calls I was immediately demoted by the Assitant Cheif Taylor ( I was nearby him and immediately question why I was demoted. He dints say why and ignored me and went back to the PD. I made the admin report until he came back to the PD lobby and I question him again. He told me "SWAT wasn't needed and that I have a Level 3 class weaponry" and immediately taxed me. (Side note: there a bug where when officers get demoted or quit, there Primary/secondary weapons are still equipped despite the fact they are a citizen.) I asked him why there was a Class three weapon (An SCAR Rifle) on my back and I went F4 to go third-person, however, I was using the Left-Alt key while talking so at the same time I was talking and I pressed the F4 key, I accidentally quit-ed GMod and the server.

Unban Reason: I did not mean this to happen and it was an accident to press F4 Key and the Alt key at the same. I didn't want to disconnect the server but rather talk with the Assitant Cheif and the Senior Administrator (Who was online during the time) about my demotion and maybe even tell the admin about the Police bug with weapons still being equipped after quitting/demoted but that is a different topic to discuss on.

Time of Occurrence: Somewhere at 10:50 AM EST Time
Additional members involved/witnessing: Leutuent officer who was online (Forgot his name) and the Assitant Cheif Taylor (
Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?: Yes, I have read the ban appeal rules.


MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
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Sep 2, 2018
Denied. You cannot appeal automatic bans without evidence.
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