Ban Appeal -- Ryoto Kyoto

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Apr 15, 2017
Your Steam Name: 0101
Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:47630404
Your Character Name: Ryoto Kyoto

Ban Length: Permanent Ban
Banning Staff Member @DevulTj

Ban Reason: Banned for exploit
Unban Reason: -

I am looking to be unbanned from Monolith due to me not only maturing but having the time to be active in communities again. It has been over 3 years (2017 I believe i was banned) since I have been banned and lots has changed within the server and myself since then. I was in this server since it first launched and I am looking to participate once again and start over. I know what I did was foolish and disrespectful to not only the players but the staff that takes the time to develop these features, and I want to take this time to truly apologize. But I am looking for forgiveness as I am willing to role play again and not pull stupid stuff off like I did when I was three years younger. I did make an appeal long time ago and it did not go well, but I am trying again in order to be a part of the community once again and I hope we can leave the past and have a second chance at it again. I'll do whatever it takes to be unbanned and be able to play again and I hope that you can appeal the ban.

Time of Occurrence: Ban occurred over 3 years ago (early-mid 2017 I believe )
Relevant Evidence: N/A
Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A
Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?: of course!


Community Manager
Community Manager
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Dec 3, 2016
We have zero tolerance for exploiters. Denied.
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