Ban Appeal

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Monolith Newcomer
Nov 11, 2022
Quaishawn James
Monte Chance

Ban Length:4 weeks.
Banning Staff Member: @something

Ban Reason: Failure to comply with staff, Job abuse, and job corruption.

Unban Reason: I've read the rules and now I'm familiar with the fact I can't do anything illegal as an EMS. It was ignorant of me to turn in the bank bag as an EMS. As for failing to comply with staff goes, I do not believe I should have given the guy who robbed the bank the money for me turning it in. He was arrested and lost the bag. I wasn't about to give the guy who lost a bag and was throwing a fit the money, especially after he started name calling & trying to belittle me.

Time of Occurrence: Two days ago

Post Script: I'm a premium member with minimal infractions & I think 4 weeks is excessive and unnecessary. There was a ton of hypotheticals & at the end of the situation I was being forced to give money to somebody who not only lost the bag, but was insulting me. Not fair to me at all. I hope this wasn't a hard read, thanks for your time.


MRP Server Director
MRP Server Director
Forum Moderator
MRP Recruitment Team
Aug 3, 2018
Hello @MonteWasHere , the people who did bank heist broke many rules in order to obtain the bag. The money would've been deleted if you dropped them.

I will remove your ban with the condition that you contact a staff member immediately upon joining the server back and give them the money for deletion (325, 520$).

Ban appeal accepted.
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