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Nov 10, 2018
Steam Name: Skull
Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:162839335
Your Character Name: Zar Washington

Ban Length: 14 hours
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): xXDeadlyAngelXx

Ban Reason: received to many warning points, this warning point was because I shot a detective that was trying to arrest me and pulled a gun on me multiple times, I saw him as a threat to my life and I shot him because of this, and I was mayor at this time. The detective was arresting me for "reckless driving" which I'm pretty sure I wasn't. The detective had pulled me over twice while I wasn't even doing anything of the sorts, I was brought to pd and another detective said "lets make a deal budget for release. I put 50k in there budget and the other detective released me assuming the other detective knew as well. I than went to mayors office and the same detective came again and this time he pointed guns at me and I got glitched in the elevator and staff helped me and when the detective came up my SS told him to put the gun down and he didn't and I shot him because I felt threatened of a gun fight.
Unban Reason: It was unclear to me that you cannot shoot police even if they are a threat to your life, because I've read the rules a couple of times and I have not seen the rule, so I asked the moderator if he could copy and paste it. There was no rule on it but it falls under corruption which I have learned. I did not think it would be corruption because if he was a clear threat to my life pointing a gun at me for no reason where I was no current threat to him. So I pulled the trigger and killed him stupidly. I didn't see how it would fall under corruption as I saw him as a threat to my life and I realized this rule break, but I didn't know it was a rule or I would not have done it as I would clearly get caught because the detective was a moderator.

Time of Occurrence: 12:15 am
Additional members involved/witnessing: @Austin Hunter
Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?: yes
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