Binding "Main Menu Toggle"/Inventory to Mouse1

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A Sack O' Salt

MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Dec 10, 2017
So recently @Jean Bravo brought up to me that he accidentally bound mouse1 to open the inventory. I also did the same, to see if I could solve the problem myself. I did, using an extraneous key on my mouse that also acts as "Mouse1/LMB" but is not Mouse1/LMB.
He does not have an extraneous key like me. So does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?
Steps I've tried before doing it myself:
Rebinding Primary Attack in GMod settings to a different key, like M, or N; and using that to click on the inventory settings. Did not work.
Binding F3 to "gm_showspare1" - Did not work
I've also proved that Garry's Mod settings/bindings have no correlation with Monolith's inventory/settings.
(typing +attack in the console does not bring up the Inventory)
F3 also closes the inventory, regardless of the binding in the Inventory Settings/Monolith Settings
I've also figured out, that right-clicking on the bind resets it to what it was previously.

Any help would be appreciated for myself, and @Jean Bravo
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