GUIDE Farming Guide [2021 Edition]

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Sep 18, 2021

The farming skill is used to grow and harvest plants. Those fruits and vegetables can either be eaten, used for cooking, or sold to other players. Like other skills, leveling farming is exponential, meaning it becomes harder as you level up.

Items collected from farming are primarily used for cooking, a skill which involves a combination of other skills. For more information, click
here to visit the guide.

Players should buy the following items before proceeding with the guide.

  • Gardening Trowel [Required]
  • Watering Can [Required]
Visit the hardware store to purchase these items.

There are different plants that a player can grow and harvest from. Refer to the following table for the types of plants, level requirements, experience (per seed), yield (per seed), and sell price (per item).

PlantLevelExperience [No Bonus - XP Bonus]YieldSell Price [25% Taxes - 0% Taxes]
Tomato11228 - 15313$14 - $20
Potato31274 - 15913$18 - $25
Carrot81398 - 17483$26 - $38
Pear101450 - 18074$22 - $32
Corn131518 - 18953$34 - $48
Lettuce161518 - 19913$35 - $50
Melon211712 - 21393$39 - $54
Onion241784 - 22313$41 - $58
Pepper281882 - 23503$50 - $70
Chili311950 - 24383$60 - $86
Gourd352048 - 25571$217 - $310
Pumpkin372098 - 26621$263 - 376
Orange402172 - 27144$76 - $108
Apple442268 - 28334$95 - $136
White Grapes532484 - 31051$605 - $864
Purple Grapes532484 - 31051$605 - $864
Red Grapes532484 - 31051$605 - $864
Coconut562553 - 31924$105 - $150
Banana582608 - 32564$102 - $146
Pineapple672820 - 35231$424 - $606
Eggplant863281 - 4102 1$611 - $874
Cocoa943448 - 43471$748 - $1,068

New players must start with the tomato and farm them until they reach level 3. Visit the NPC at the grocery store to purchase seeds.


To start farming, find and rent any property that has a grass area. This will give you the large water bar rather than the small water bar. Use your gardening trowel to create plots. Select each plot and the type of plant you would like to farm. Three bars will appear above the plant: Health, Water, and Growth. Refer to the following table for a description of each.

HealthCurrent health of the plant. If the plant loses all of its health it will die.
WaterCurrent water level of the plant. Leaving the plant unattended to will result in it losing health. Use your watering can to water it.
GrowthCurrent growth level of the plant. Once it reaches 100% it can be harvested.

Use your watering can to water each plant. You can do this by moving side-to-side or by watering each one individually before moving to the next. When the plant reaches 100% growth, you can harvest it to collect the fruit or vegetable. If you are premium or farming level 99, you will receive the experience bonus which gives you more experience per harvest.



[!] Excessive Watering
Plants that have a small water bar can stop being watered at 75%. Plants with a large water bar can stop being watered at 50%. Remember to water each plant to its maximum before stopping.

[!] Green Thumb
Players unlock the green thumb buff at farming level 99. This allows you to get a large water bar at any location you farm at, not just rented property.

Players can use their fruits and vegetables to make food by using a cooking stove.

> Cooking Stove
Use a cooking stove to make food. Visit the hardware store to purchase the following: Cooking Stove and Cooking Pots.

This practice ties into the cooking skill. For more information, click
here to visit the guide.

Players can profit from farming in a variety of ways.

> Grocery Store
Sell your harvest to the NPC. This option can make decent profit for high level plants. For low level plants it is fine if you intend to respend your money on more seeds to level up. Sell your fish when taxes are at 0% to maximize your profits.


> MonoMarket
Sell your harvest on the MonoMarket at a set amount per item. Access the MonoMarket by visiting the NPC at the bank. Open the selling tab and select and sell as much as you would like. Be aware that some sell orders may be fulfilled immediately while others take longer.


> MonoPages
Find players on the MonoPages app who are willing to buy your harvest. Access the app by using your phone. This has an advantage over MonoMarket in that all advertisements are made by players who are currently online.


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