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Sep 18, 2021


Years of Mono


The fishing skill is used to catch various fish from the water. Those fish can either be eaten, cooked, or sold to other players. Like other skills, leveling fishing is exponential, meaning it becomes harder as you level up.

Items collected from fishing are primarily used for cooking, a skill which requires a combination of other skills. For more information, click
here to visit the guide.

Players should buy the following item before proceeding with the guide.

  • Fishing Rod [Required]
Visit the fisherman supplier at the lake (Layer 2) to purchase this item.

There are different lures that a player can use for fishing. Refer to the following table for the types of fish, lures to catch them, raw sell price, and cooked sell price.

FishLureRaw Price [25% Tax - 0% Tax]Cooked Price [25% Tax - 0% Tax]
Damsel FishSmall [Lvl. 1]$39 - $56$86 - $122
Golden TroutSmall$77 - $110$155 - $222
Rainbow FishSmall$119 - $170$256 - $366
CatfishMedium [Lvl. 25]$245 - $350$491 - $702
Snapper FishMedium$354 - $506$709 - $1014
Bass FishLarge [Lvl. 50]$446 - $638$894 - $1278
LobsterLarge$606 - $866$1213 - $1734

New players must start with the small lure and use it until they reach level 25. Visit the NPC at the lake (Layer 2) to purchase a lure.

To use a lure, open your inventory and select the lure you would like to use. Click use to make it apply to your next line. Left-click while looking at the water to start fishing. There will be a splash effect in the water when you catch a fish, right-click to reel it in.

[!] Catching Junk
There is a chance that you might catch junk instead of fish. You can make this less common is by leveling up your fishing skill.

Players can cook their fish by using a cooking stove.

> Cooking Stove
Use a cooking stove to cook fish. Visit the hardware store to purchase the following: Cooking Stove and Cooking Pots.

This practice ties into the cooking skill. For more information, click
here to visit the guide.

Players can profit from their fishing expenditure in a variety of ways.

> Fisherman Supplier
Sell your raw fish to the NPC. This option is not recommended when selling raw fish because the NPC pays little money for it. It is fine though if you are focusing on leveling up and want to respend your money on more lures. Sell your fish when taxes are at 0% to maximize your profits.


> Grocery Store
Sell your cooked fish to the NPC. This option can make decent profit for high level fish. For low level fish it is fine if you intend to respend your money on other ingredients to level up. Sell your fish when taxes are at 0% to maximize your profits.


> MonoMarket
Sell your fish on the MonoMarket at a set amount per item. Access the MonoMarket by visiting the NPC at the bank. Open the selling tab and select and sell as much as you would like. Be aware that some sell orders may be fulfilled immediately while others take longer.


> MonoPages
Find players on the MonoPages app who are willing to buy your fish. Access the app by using your phone. This has an advantage over MonoMarket in that all advertisements are made by players who are currently online.


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