GUIDE [Guide] Cooking

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Monolith Senior
Jul 25, 2017
This guide will teach you all you need to know about the cooking system that is currently on the server.

How to start cooking
To start cooking, you must purchase a cooking stove and cooking pot.
A cooking stove and pot can be purchased at the hardware store in Lower Alder.
Note: A prep table is not necessary at the moment in order to use the cooking system.

Having Trouble finding the Hardware Store?
Hold c and click the Mono-Tablet icon towards the bottom left of the screen.

Then click the Mono Map icon

Move around the Mono Map by holding down your mouse and set a location by double-clicking.
The hardware store can be found on layer 1 towards the left of the map in Lower Alder.

Talk to the Appliance Cashier to purchase a cooking stove and pot.

Gather Ingredients
Now that you've purchased a stove and pot, it is time to gather the food you would like to cook.

If you're new to cooking, you'll need to start off with lower-level foods. Once you reach a higher
cooking level you can start to cook better foods offered by farming and fishing.

Interested in how much hunger/thirst each food gives?
Look at this guide by Maj.Kat
Head to the supermarket located in lower alder to purchase ingredients.
You can also grow and catch fresh ingredients from either farming or fishing.
Fishing Guide:
link | Farming Guide: link

Talk to the Produce Cashier to purchase ingredients.

Start Cooking
Now that you've gathered ingredients, it's time to start cooking.
Head to the realtor to rent a property (a property is needed in order to power a stove).
The realtor is located in sunset island next to the bank.

After renting a property, you can now begin. Deploy your stove inside of your property and plug the power cord into a socket to start cooking.

After deploying your stove, deploy your cooking pot. Hold e on the cooking pot, click "open container" and move over the proper ingredients needed.

Note: Refer back to the Cooking Recipes spoiler towards the top for cooking times and exact recipes.

Click the buttons on the stove to turn the burners on. Once the burner is turned on, a timer will appear and start counting up. The time it takes to cook depends on what recipe you chose to cook. Be sure to take the food off the burner at the exact time, or the food will burn and you'll be left with mush.

Selling food
To sell your food, head to the supermarket and find the Produce Cashier. You can also sell your food to other players.

To sell to NPCs open your inventory while looking at the correct NPC and left-click on the item you want to sell. A sell option should pop up towards the middle of the screen

Note: Currently I only recommend cooking to those wanting to sell to other players. It is currently not profitable, however, after the cooking price overhaul, it should be profitable when selling to the supermarket NPCs.

If any new updates occur, I will be sure to update the contents of this guide.​
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Nov 10, 2018
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Nice work


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Feb 2, 2019
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As they said above, indeed. Good work on your guide!