[GUIDE][PD] Police Department Guide | How to roleplay as an officer

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Jan 24, 2018
Los Pollos Hermanos


Guide last updated: 3.9.2018
Written by: wright

Table of Contents:
[2] Ranks
[3] Traffic stops and fleeing vehicles
[4] Raiding
[5] Hostage situations
[6] Radio use
[7] Miscellaneous information

[1] Resources

  • Official Laws: When playing as a member of the Police Department, you should always follow and enforce the laws in this document. It also includes the correct punishment if the law happens to be violated. Do not use the preset charges when arresting someone, instead read this document and cite the laws/charges from there.
  • Radio Codes/Ten Codes: When speaking on the radio, you should use the correct ten codes. It makes everything much easier and shortens the length of what you need to dispatch. This also makes the roleplay experience much for better for everyone.
  • Penal Code: The penal code is the list of charges and their correct punishments. Useful for court and arrests.
  • Monolith Server Rules: This is a tab I always keep open, even when I'm not roleplaying as a police officer. You need to know what you can and cannot do.

[2] Ranks

  • Cadet: You are considered to be in the Police Academy. You patrol with other high-ranking officers in the department to increase your knowledge of how things work. You are permitted to give out tickets and assist with traffic stops/arrests if your superior allows you to. You should NEVER be present during any raid done by the department, you will get in the way and will most likely die or get demoted. As a cadet, you should never have a weapon or a vehicle. This will get you demoted as well.
  • Officer: You are the backbone of the Police Department, responding to most emergency calls and patrolling the streets of Rockford. When performing your duties as an officer, there's a few guidelines you should follow. When the department decides to raid a property, you should NEVER enter the combat unless requested by a superior due to your lack of weaponry. Instead of participating in the combat, you are expected to ensure civilians stay away from the scene and block off the roads.
  • Detective: You're a Detective, you investigate crime scenes and participate in undercover operations. As a Detective, your job isn't just to base with criminals and report back to the department. You're expected to take a more realistic approach and investigate crime scenes, shootings, interrogate criminals, etc. You should ALWAYS provide your badge to officers when entering the Police Station, crime scenes, and other situations. As with officers, you should never participate in the combat part of raids. You have absolutely zero reason to enter the combat due to the lack of weaponry, depending on the current Chief, you could be demoted for this. You are above officers and cadets but below Sergeants, Lieutenants, and the Chief.
  • Sergeant: You're a veteran member of the Police Department, it's your job to ensure officers are doing their job properly and report issues to your superiors. You are a role model.
  • Lieutenant: You're the highest ranking officer under the Chief. You step in when he is unable to lead (ex: if he's unavailable, hospitalized, or off-duty). You ensure all police conduct is be followed and talk closely with the Chief regarding internal issues and disciplinary actions.
  • Chief: You are the Chief of the Rockford Police Department. If you've made it this far, you are expected to know what you are doing. You issue orders to everyone in the department and consult with your Lieutenants/Sergeants to ensure everything is running perfect. You should also make sure all officers are using the resources listed above. Don't be too soft on your officers, without discipline the department will be chaos.
  • SWAT/SWAT Commander: You are the firepower of the department. You respond to situations where SWAT is needed, this could include raiding a property or simply breaking down a door. Read up on the rules for SWAT for more information. (located in the server rules above)

[3] Traffic stops and fleeing vehicles
When performing a traffic stop you should always:
- drive directly behind the vehicle
- use your lights AND siren so they are aware of your presence
Once you have the vehicle successfully stopped, if there are three or more persons in the car then you need to call for an additional unit to be safe. If not, step out of your cruiser with your firearm holstered for safety and start a polite conversation with the suspect on why they are being stopped. (remember to use the official law book above!)

If the person for some reason flees from the traffic stop, you are NOT allowed to shoot their vehicle to stop them from fleeing unless the situation permits it. If at any time the fleeing vehicle puts life in danger or causes harm to a person, you may "code red" them. Meaning, you may shoot or use any force necessary to stop their vehicle and arrest them. This does not mean kill the person.

[4] Raiding
* make sure to read the ranks above to see which ranks shouldn't participate in the combat
In order to conduct a raid, you must have evidence of illegal activity or witness a crime happen on the property (such as someone being shot inside the house or a man fleeing from police by running into the house/property). This evidence can be obtained by having a detective investigate the property and taking pictures of the activities.
Once the detective has provided substantial evidence of illegal activity, you're ready to raid. There's some pre-measurements you should take though. Calling all officers to a property and telling them to raid will never work, it's unorganized and almost always results in the officers dying. The Chief (or SWAT Commander/Lieutenants) should call all participating officers (as seen in the rank list above) into a meeting room to discuss the raid strategy.

Once you've cleared the property of suspects, it's time to search and confiscate. You must confiscate all weapons you find, destroy any other illegal item that isn't able to be put in the evidence locker -- this includes fridges. You are not allowed to steal fridges from the crime scene, they must be put directly in the PD for evidence or an admin must destroy it for you.
* make sure you are following all rules such as NLR when raiding, if you are for some reason healed or revived by a medic then you should withdraw from the situation.

[5] Hostage situations
Things NOT to do during a hostage situation:
  • not comply with the suspect
  • rush the suspect
  • shoot the suspect without clear shot
  • walk right up to the suspect while he has the hostage at gun point
You always want to be extremely careful during hostage situations, you're playing with someone's life. If a cadet rushes up to the hostage and causes them to die, you may make a report as that is Fail RP. Everything else should be self-explanatory.

[6] Radio use
When using the radio, if you hear someone else speaking then that means you should stop talking immediately. Depending on the current Chief, you may be demoted for constantly speaking over others. There should be only one person talking on the radio at once.

Don't use the police frequency to make medical requests, switch over to the EMS frequency and ask there.
You should also use the Police Codes/Ten Codes (located above) while speaking on the radio frequency.

[7] Miscellaneous information

  • When in pursuit let chargers take primary as they are the faster vehicle
  • There is no reason to open taser a prisoner if you intentionally open their cell door for no reason. Just grab them.
  • Never jump to conclusions. Always investigate a call before calling all officers to the scene as some people create false emergency calls to cause a diversion.

(if you feel I've left anything out, leave a reply below and I'll consider adding it in or editing)​
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Sep 5, 2017
Love the effort, keep making going <3.
(I also like how this has a chance for me to not be into the bad scenarios anymore.)
>Gets pulled over for running red
>Cop gets out with pistol
>Out the car with the hands up!!!
>gets arrested and given a ticket
seems legit
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Nov 27, 2017
United States of America
I believe detectives should be able to participate in raids because if equipt with the right weapon (Glock or Deagle) they can do major damage. Because they have 100 kevlar this makes them as “tanky” as chief and SWAT. I detective that knows how to shoot can easily outgun anyone in close range with say a rifle.


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Aug 20, 2017
United Kingdom
I'm going to hate the whitelist system. I'm a level 160+ cop and for someone like me to put in the effort to get whitelisted, it just seems pointless. We have blacklists for a reason, that being stopping people from being police when they are not deemed fit. But hey ho, it is what it is. I