Gun Blacklist

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Jun 1, 2019
Your Steam Name: lol
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:447850071
Your Character Name: Jimmy Kong

Which Staff blacklisted you: @PMX or @ja1003
What were you blacklisted from: Weapons 2 days

Blacklist Reason: Shooting in an event
Unblacklist Reason: I feel my ban was very long because its a very minor offence and I've never shot in events. I was told if I shot again it would be a removal from the event not a blacklist. I'm sorry for what I've done but I feel its very overkill this will teach me a lesson not to do what I did.

Time of Occurrence: 8:00 pm est 11/28
Additional members involved/witnessing:


Community Manager
Community Manager
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Dec 3, 2016
People were told not to shoot anyone before the event started or before someone gave you permission to do it. Clearly you did not listen and decided to do it.

Next time, you will be punished more severely.
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