I didnt threaten to swat

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Monolith Rookie
Jun 22, 2021
Steam Name: King Andrew
Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from steamid.io):
Your Character Name: Andrew Holm

Ban Length: 1 Year
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): Official Car Mechanic

Ban Reason: Threatening to SWAT
Unban Reason: I never threatend to swat someone, I said I would simply go to their house in game, or find the place they rented, go as swat and blow it up.

Time of Occurrence: Yesterday Night
Additional members involved/witnessing: People On Radio/ As Jeff Maine was discriminating against me but no one seemed to care about it more than the other things.
Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?:

Official Car Mechanic

MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Forum Moderator
Police Supervisor
Aug 22, 2018
Minnesota, USA
In your own words, you state "I will SWAT your house" threats or even jokes like that are not allowed on Monolith and are not a joking matter.

Not open for further replies.