EVENT Jeopardy

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MRP Senior Administrator
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Nov 12, 2018
This is Jeopardy!
And now entering the studio are our three contestants...


Join us Saturday, May 23rd at 7pm EST (TIME CONVERTER)

Jeopardy basics:
If you've never seen Jeopardy, it's a trivia gameshow where you choose from predetermined categories to answer questions. There are 5 questions in each category with prize money gradually increasing, along with question difficulty. You get a question wrong, your prize money will go down by the question's monetary amount and the next person gets to choose a category/question. You get a question right, you get that money added to your total and to choose another category/question.

You must formulate your answer as a question or it will not be counted! For example, if the question were to be "What map are we on right now?" your answer would be "Where is Monoford?"

How it will work for us:
If you are chosen to play, you will have a buzzer in front of you which you have to press to get a chance to answer. First person to press their buzzer gets to answer. If they answer wrong, second quickest person to press gets a shot. When the board has been cleared, the person with the most money accumulated gets that in cash. This has the chance of being a large prize if they get enough questions correct.

Most of our questions will be Monolith-related trivia, but there may be some real world sprinkled in as well.

We will be hosting 5 rounds of Jeopardy. This means 15 people will get a chance to play the board. These contestants will be randomly chosen from a studio audience. The studio audience is open to the public, you can come and go as you please. It will be hosted in the convention center.

We hope to see you there! Good luck!