Jun 14, 2022


Years of Mono


Major Update 2.5​


It has been a while since the last major update (~2 months), this update should change that, seeing as it's a major update. The aim of this update is to hopefully bring some new features that will give existing players a lot of new content to enjoy, as well as bringing new players and old players to the server. This update is one of our biggest in a while and I hope it shows in the content below. Thanks from the development team, we hope you enjoy it!

Gang Territories "Gang Zones"

As a part of this aim of giving existing players content to enjoy we decided to work on gang zones, this feature has been sitting around for a while. This feature aims to improve the activity of organizations on the server, it should give them dedicated areas to fight over and create more competition in organisations. Zones are taken over similar to a domination point in shooters, you can capture/decapture and it'll stop capturing when there are too many enemies.

Along with the actual zones is a new monophone app, the Territories app, it's only visible to members of a crew who aren't police. It'll show a map with all the territories, for each territory it'll display the crew who has captured it or grey if it hasn't been captured.

There's a reason for capturing territories other than being the top of the leaderboard, you earn rewards from capturing zones, the first is Territory Points - these are what the leaderboard uses to rank your crew. The second is Crew XP - this is used to level up your crew, right now crew level isn't used for anything, in an upcoming update we plan to overhaul organizations more with upgrades requiring levels etc. Zones also give a daily reward, these rewards can be earned once a day and will be a random item.

The leaderboard itself actually gives rewards, currently there are 2 rewards, the first one is a cosmetic that will display a badge on your player nameplate if your gang is top 3. The second is a bonus 25/10/5% to freshly made drugs.

Underwater Diving​

We've also added a new way to make money, and a new use for Monoford's large amount of water. Player's will now be able to survive longer underwater with the new oxygen system, default oxygen can be improved using an oxygen mask.

While diving underwater you are able to hunt for Treasure, you can find it using the Diving Sonar item - every few seconds you can scan your surroundings for nearby treasure. Treasure can spawn on the ground by itself or hidden in a dirt pile, they can be dug up from the dirt piles for the same reward.

Underwater photography, while hunting for treasures you can bring along a Diving Camera to take photos of dirt piles and treasure that you find, these photos will give additional money while hunting for treasure.

Weapon Cosmetics​

After a lot of work from @Marwan weapon skins are now a part of the gamemode, this should hopefully help with the amount of money floating around without any goals to spend the money on. Skins will be dropped from crates purchaseable from an NPC, skins can be equipped as an item in the inventory. Each skin is given a random float value which determines the condition of the skin and how it looks on the weapon.

Improved Cut Scenes​

Cut scenes have been massively improved, there is now the option to skip a cut scene by pressing the escape key. In a future update we hope to add a menu to help new players which will let them replay specific cut scenes. As well as improving the cut scenes more were added, most of the jobs in the game now have a cut scene that will play when joining the job.

Drugs Overhaul​

Right now drugs are made just for money, with this update we aim to change that, all drugs will now give the user side effects. They will have positive and negative effects, along with the usual screen effects. This aims to create a market for drugs and make them useful.

Vehicle Hotwiring​

In an effort to make the game more interactive we added a new minigame for hotwiring a vehicle, this will replace the existing action that takes a few seconds to complete. We hope to do this more for features such as dark web heists.

New/Old Vehicles​

With this update we looked at some of the least used vehicles and removed them from the game, these vehicles are listed in the changelog below. Removed vehicles are still in garages but cannot be used, they can be sold until they are fully removed. Along with removing old vehicles we added a few new vehicles, the full list can be seen below.

Full Changelog 2.5​

Most of the changes in this update can be seen in full below (some very minor ones may have been missed).
  • Added underwater activities
  • Added quest for underwater acitivities
  • Added gang zones
  • Added weapon skins
  • Added more cut scenes
  • Added option to skip cut scenes
  • Added civilian phone numbers to police computer for whitelisted ranks
  • Added vehicle hotwiring minigame
  • Added vehicle - Mercedes-AMG G63
  • Added vehicle - Benz C63 AMG
  • Added vehicle - Rolls-Royce Wraith
  • Added vehicle - Cadillac CTS-V
  • Changed missing quest icons in quest menu
  • Changed drugs to have buffs/debuffs
  • Changed hunger/thirst will no longer deplete inside instanced apartments
  • Changed factory furnace is now frozen when deployed
  • Changed factory conveyor belt/storage box are no longer able to be picked up with a physgun
  • Changed content manager to no longer download/mount addons
  • Removed vehicle - 1964 Aston Martin DB5
  • Removed vehicle - 2010 Audi S5 V8
  • Removed vehicle - 2010 BMW M5 E60
  • Removed vehicle - Ferrari F430
  • Removed vehicle - 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe
  • Removed vehicle - 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo
  • Removed vehicle - 2010 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG
  • Removed vehicle - 2005 Volvo XC90
  • Removed vehicle - Dolerean
  • Removed vehicle - Peterbilt 579 Truck