EVENT Monoford Easter Egg Hunt 2020 (Official Rules)

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Mapping God
Monoford Mapper
Nov 1, 2019

It's no secret anymore. A contest for finding all the easter eggs in the map is under way. This is a message left in an air vent behind Ronnie's. It has created lots of confusion though so I will explain it in detail here.

Official Contest Details
  • You must find all 13 locations of the listed items and DM photos of them to me on this forum
    • I will only say correct or incorrect for each photo you send me
    • Asking for help in DM's will be ignored
    • State what region you're from (US, FR, RU) and provide the name of the item you think you found with each photo
    • You may only DM me when you think you have found all 13. Asking if a specific item is correct or not will be ignored
    • These must be full sized screenshots. Photos of your computer monitor or cropped photos will not be accepted
  • Only 1 player from each server region may claim the prize (US, FR, RU) and I will announce when it has been claimed
    • The first player to DM me wins. If multiple people DM me before I announce it, sorry to the late ones
  • If you have the ability to noclip or spectate on any server, you are not eligible for this prize. Sorry guys
  • You may share images or tips here, however I will not comment on whether it is correct or not. Remember only 1 person can claim the prize
  • Hints will be posted every other day for the next 4 weeks in discord and saved here
    • Time of day is non-specific. It could be at any time between midnight CDT
  • Any form of cheating will result in disciplinary action chosen by server administration and immediate disqualification
Prize Status


All Hints:

March 18

March 20

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