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Monoford Police Department
Training Session

The Monoford Police Department Command requests that certain law enforcement agents attend the training sessions described below, that will take place at different locations in the Monoford County. The goal of these training sessions is to demonstrate and teach practical skills that are used regularly as a law enforcement officer. They also offer the chance to learn new techniques and approaches to several situations that you may not have thought of or seen before.

Each training session will be different and details regarding each session will be provided to the people who attend them likely just before the start of the session or at the very beginning of the session. All police ranks will be required to attend them, though the instructor hosting the session has the discretion to choose who must or who doesn't have to attend.

Additional information:

Training Session #1:

  • Time: 5th of September 2020, 16:00PM (3:00 PM) EST;
  • Topic: SWAT Breaching and Clearing

Training Session #2:

  • Time: 6th of September 2020, 16:00PM (3:00 PM) EST;
  • Topic: Training for Hostage Situations

Training topics: Each training session's topics will be provided before/when the session starts.

Results: Each training session will provide hands on training to officers in the subjects mentioned above. The first two sessions will provide the skills needed to successfully handle and approach situations that regularly arise while on-duty as a Law Enforcement officer. The final session will provide the skills needed to effectively handle high-risk or otherwise overtly hostile situations.

Monoford Police Command
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