UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.1

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Jun 14, 2022

Patch Update 2.5.1​


Hello! This patch is aimed at improving features added in major update 2.5 as well as fixing issues/bugs. There are a lot of minor changes in this update that should hopefully improve the QoL and make some things easier.

After this update the current plan is to do another patch that should improve even more on some of the features from 2.5, improvements/additions to underwater diving and territories should be included. A little bit after the patch is going to be major 2.6 which will include major changes to the vehicle system as well as other new features.

Gang Zone Improvements

As part of improving gang zones I took on a lot of the feedback from players and tried to implement it, the full changes can be seen in the change log. One of the changes can be seen below, daily rewards from territories will now go to your mailbox instead of inventory (mail can be collected at town hall). There were a lot of bug fixes to gang zones with this update as well, there are further major changes coming to gang zones in next patch.

Full Changelog 2.5.1​

Most of the changes in this update can be seen in full below (some very minor ones may have been missed).
  • Added cutscenes can now be replayed at job NPCs
  • Added mail collection points to monoford
  • Added old police female models
  • Added hint to territory app for unread rewards
  • Added hint to cutscenes to skip them
  • Changed police officers and above now receive free sidearm on spawn
  • Changed territory rewards will now go to mailboxes
  • Changed medics prevented from healing when in combat timer
  • Changed zone capture notification will now show cooldown
  • Changed capturing zones requires a gun to be out at all times
  • Changed changing org name now costs money
  • Changed door charges can no longer be used on properties owned by players less than level 15
  • Changed headshot death timer changed from 5 -> 3
  • Changed pine county deputies can now access door rams
  • Changed deptuies/rangers can access extinguishers
  • Changed SWAT Sniper/Chief, Deputies/Rangers can access vehicle props
  • Changed SWAT Sniper now immune to gas
  • Changed garage repair price from 300 -> 750
  • Changed remove mayor from pine county frequency
  • Changed move drug testing SWEP to slot 5
  • Changed sped up skin crate scroll animation
  • Fixed buses will no longer spawn inside the wall
  • Fixed tracked kills not being accurate on inventory weapons
  • Fixed zones auto decapturing if attempting decapture when already owned
  • Fixed being able to capture gang zones inside vehicles
  • Fixed detectives can no longer capture zones
  • Fixed territories/dark web apps not being hidden on job change
  • Fixed FPS drops occasionally when inside zones
  • Fixed police and other job playermodels not updating in menu sometimes
  • Fixed police being able to impound again
  • Fixed tweets now show accurate time posted
  • Fixed only do hotwire when engine is off
  • Fixed sonar detecting vehicles etc
  • Fixed territory drug sale buff for meth
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Community Manager
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Nov 3, 2019
so cool!

Ace Carter

Monolith Senior
Oct 28, 2019
not bad not bad


Community Manager
Community Manager
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Apr 1, 2021
Great patch, Mr.Wall