UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.3

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Jun 14, 2022

Patch Update 2.5.3​


Hello there, welcome to the epic patch notes. Similar to last patch we've got a lot of improvements/changes and fixes to the gamemode. A few of these changes are based on the feedback from the previous community meeting, we're still working through all the notes taken so there'll be more to come. After this update there will be another patch which will be focused on improving the new player experience and other QoL changes. The focus going forward is making a lot of changes to QoL, balancing and new player gameplay. We're planning a major update within a few weeks as well that will have more content rather than just changes.

Bank/Jewelry Heists + SWAT​

To help improve the use of SWAT by the police department a few changes have been made, SWAT are now automatically enabled for bank/jewelry store raids, they do not need to be enabled manually by a chief. In order to make sure SWAT are not too rampant members will automatically be demoted from their job after a bank/jewelry ends if they don't switch back to normal police. Additionally all police and SWAT will now receive an alert when a heist starts (pictured below), it's a lot more noticeable and should help improve police responses, police members eligible to become SWAT will receive a unique alert.



Gang Zone Rewards 2.0​

Again, like the previous update, gang zone rewards have had an update. There was a lot of feedback that the system sucked for the points system, this has now been changed. Points are no longer for the whole org, instead each member has their own points that they can spend, points are earned based off participation in the zone. Old points will be transferred to the org leader.

Underwater Diving Improvements​

Diving has received some cool features and improvements, the biggest one Coral Mining, players can now find coral underwater and mine it in addition to capturing pictures of it. Be warned however that mining coral is illegal where as taking pictures is perfectly legal. The NPC UI has been updated for selling treasure, it should be cleaner and nicer looking. Another change is that all treasure now has a condition: poor, flawed, good, perfect - they'll now sell for more/less depending on the condition.


Full Changelog 2.5.3​

Most of the changes in this update can be seen in full below (some very minor ones may have been missed).
  • Added coral mining to underwater diving
  • Added treasure quality for diving treasure
  • Added money bonuses to EMS for performing surgeries
  • Changed territory points to be per player
  • Changed Mono-Pages now shows in chat (replaced /ad)
  • Changed SWAT is automatically enabled when heists are active
  • Changed police officers now get an alert when heists start in the center of their screen
  • Changed treasure NPC UI to be cleaner
  • Changed diving masks can now be repaired
  • Changed diving masks now lose durability slower
  • Changed price for listing now shows on Mono-Pages
  • Changed SWAT will now automatically be demoted when enlistment disabled
  • Changed HUD will now display property name when looking at a door
  • Changed property app now sorts by closest distance
  • Changed property app now refreshes faster
  • Fixed seeing other players in apartments/garages
  • Fixed drug effects being permanent after death
  • Fixed missing magnetic lights for detectives
  • Fixed keys HUD overlapping door HUD
  • Fixed some NPC models being errors
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