UPDATE Platform Update 1.1.1 - Release Changelog

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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Jun 13, 2017

UPDATE 1.1.1

NOTE: Not all changes are documented, also if you see inconsistency in release notes, its because not all platform updates are significant enough to warrant a changelog.

List of changes
  • Added ATM inside of Glenn's Workshop
  • Added 2019 MonoAward Item.
  • Added prisoner processor NPC to Pine County Correctional
  • Added new swat playermodels ( Sub to the latest content in the content pack! )
  • Fixed MPD equipment locker position
  • Fixed mayoral election time left localization
  • Fixed mono tablet camera system localization
  • Fixed mayor menu tax percent localization
  • Fixed fishing spots breaking over time due to lack of fish
  • Fixed "A Fish out of Water" ( Eels are now properly tracked )
  • All drug profits have been adjusted. ( Weed, in particular, has gotten a bit of love. Try it out and report back! )
  • Roulette table max bet set to 5000 chips
  • Massively increased the ante/small bet of poker tables
  • Radio is now disabled on entry
  • Monoford Police Department spawns have been modified (No more getting stuck in the wall!)
  • Disabled paycheck notification for $0 paychecks
  • Pickaxe range has been decreased a tad bit
  • Fishing XP gain has been slightly lowered