UPDATE Platform Update 1.9 - Release Changelog

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Lead Developer
MRP Administrator
Jun 13, 2017


NOTE: Not all changes have been documented. This update will be be deployed to the main server and partners as well.

List of changes
  • Monoford has been snow-ified and the sun has set. ( Yes, this will be around for the duration of Winter. )
  • Added Instanced Housing ( This allows for your own personal home! )
  • Added Whitelist System for Police Chief
  • Added Mugshots
  • Added Police Boats
  • Added Persistent Vehicle Trunk
  • Added the ability to push vehicles when they get stuck
  • Added Christmas Content ( New hats, currency and goodies that you can get during Winter! )
  • Added car alarms for when a parked vehicle is bumped
  • Modified the Intro Quest to have a bit more added on ( If you haven't done this quest before, it will be set by default. )
  • Modified gas station to give you a deployed gas can that you can immediately put in your vehicle
  • Modified the Mono-Market to be more user friendly
  • Modified death boxes. ( You can now drop money on death, higher respawn time, lower respawn time if killed by a non-player )
  • Fixed the Spookfest hat not resting on the head completely
  • Fixed dumpsters not showing effects and sometimes being invisible
  • Fixed others being able to use your stove switches
  • Fixed elections not starting when the mayor switches jobs
  • Fixed chat issues broadcasting to all players
  • Fixed issues where you would sometimes spawn where you last died
Changelog (monoford_v1i) NOTE: If you are missing textures, please re-subscribe to the Monoford Content Pack, and all content packs associated and restart your game.
  • Night time lighting has arrived.
  • The ship has departed for Winter.
  • Miscellaneous Cleanup around the map
  • Added casino music to the Silk Fountain casino
  • Fixed a variety of Layer 1 Bank headglitches
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