Platform Update 5.3.0 - Release Changelog

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Monolith Addict
Forum Moderator
MRP Recruitment Team
Dec 3, 2016
Manchester, United Kingdom
Monolith Roleplay
Update 5.3.0 Changelog

Note: This update won't be available on production until 19th June when the server is automatically restarted.

List of notable changes
  • Job Vehicles UI revamped
  • Fixed bug allowing for players to continue holding movement keys while in garage interface
  • Fixed staff on duty being mortal in some cases
  • Removed Staff on Duty from the taxable job list
  • Fixed mayoral status failing to unset when a mayor is forcefully removed from office in some cases
  • Removed admin freeze screen message displaying during roleplay situations (primarily whilst either fishing or being on the top of a ladder)
  • Implemented tow truck unhitch option (E options)
  • Switched Deputy and Sergeant’s player level requirements
  • Removed the ability to communicate whilst arrested (advert, iMessage, radio, org chat, etc...)
  • Deprecated GPS Radar item
  • Disabled being able to trade handcuffed players
  • Fixed Bite job not paying proper earnings
  • Removed deprecated !bug in-game announcement
  • Job vehicles are now allowed to be repaired at the Mechanic
  • Towing Manager is now granted a Towing Hook
  • Added Police Tow Driver to the police radio category roster
  • Fixed Delivery Driver being able to spawn personal vehicles
  • Fixed problems with players having access to restricted radio channels upon switching jobs
  • Fixed staff rank being pushed into the text above on player nameplates
  • Fixed being able to equip either two primary weapons or two secondary weapons by replacing the equipped item with another while it’s being equipped