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Jan 11, 2019
Hello admins, I am new to your server. Play pulsar effect roleplay back in the day, and after exploring and learning i love monolith. But due to trying to figure stuff out and learning how the system works such as leveling up and restrictions on things before a certain level, I blew my money on stupid stuff thinking I could grow coke and weed and do other stuff. So now i cant really do much without having to walk for 20 mins. I want to enjoy your server but I screwed myself. Is there any way you could pretty please, and i beg you, erase or wipe my character so I can start fresh. I understand how everything works now and want to start over correctly. Thanks. Brickyard Ricardo in game


Aug 3, 2017
UK Last Seen: Being Mak Bandito
From a personal standpoint of me going bankrupt 24/7 i know how you feel, try to roleplay as a job and get money slowly as permanently killing your player isn’t very roleplay worthy, there are always ways to gain money from bankruptcy, work as a Waterboy! When I wasn’t banned I paid $2,000-$2,500 per batch, after a single batch you can plant your own as well as watering theirs, gaining even more money from it.


Well-Known Member
Oct 20, 2018
I'll give you some advice including some information on what rxsm has included, not to mention staff will most likely not wipe your character, think of it as a "life mistake" spending all your money and having no living (In Roleplay).

Start Off:

Since you've bought equipment or items that you cannot use because of your skill level or player level that's fine because if you're willing to dedicate time to Monolith you will eventually be able to use those items so keep them in your bank for future use.
Although you are bankrupt you don't need money to make money on Monolith, there are many ways of bringing in a paycheck.

Government Jobs:
These are the simplest and quickest way of making decent money and to make yourself known as a person. The paychecks increase per promotion in the job so at first you'll make small money but when you reach some of the higher ranks in the department you'll start making a lot more up to $900 per paycheck. Here's a list of government jobs:

Police Department - Starting off as a Cadet it will be very difficult & time consuming, to gain XP you'll want to give out tickets, do missions & play. This will give you the best chance to get to Officer, from there you can easily gain XP to get higher and make more money in the long run. Little tip is to not spend your money on police gear if there is no Mayor since you don't want to spend the little money you have on gear you will lose.
Emergency Medical Services - Medics are always needed and again at first you will be mostly on foot and have no access to a vehicle, run around populated areas to have people ask for you to heal them, that gives you XP to get up to the next level for Medic which gives you a vehicle, you can also do medic missions which give a lot of XP.
Fire Department - Fire Department as a Fire Cadet is the most frustrating, you're on foot and the missions can be on the other side of the map, you may also not be able to put out the whole fire alone as a Cadet with a fire extinguisher so you'll want to team up with actually firefighters and use a fire engine.
Mayor - Being the Mayor gives a good paycheck around $1000, however the job is very demanding and confusing at the beginning. Your department tablet controls the city, budgets, taxes, weapons licenses etc. You may want to learn from other players on how to be a Mayor as the mechanics may be confusing for you to learn on your own. You also have to get voted into the position by the players so make a good advert.
Bank Security - Pretty simple, protect the bank at all costs, do not allow players to enter the bank with weapons and work with the police to secure the bank in case of a bank robbery. Remove trespassers from the bank and call the police for an major incidents.
UPS - Very very simple, drive around from location to location and receive a paycheck.

Farming / Mining / Woodcutting

Farming - This requires an investment and time, you'll need to purchase the seeds from the supermarket and rent out a place with a green land to plant. Plant the seeds and watch them grow whilst watering them, in the end after finishing go back to the supermarket and sell the produce to the NPC. At first you'll make a small profit but the higher level you get and the better the plants the more profit you will make.

Mining - As a profit maker, it is not the best the chunks themselves do not sell for a lot however you can gain a decent amount of XP (Player level) from this which will unlock more things down the line.

Woodcutting - In my opinion this is the best XP grinder for player levels, constantly cutting down trees & crafting them into logs will give a load of XP to quickly unlock anything you will need down the line. Although making a profit again isn't as good as Farming or a government job for example.

There are many other ways to make money and I can't list all of them there's just too many to go through, but this should be a good starting point for you & if you need guidance you can use !guide for direct help. You can also use !help (message) to ask staff about mechanics / rules.
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