Police Level Resets

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Aug 31, 2017
Indiana, United States of America
Good Evening,

It unfornuatly seems that every time I become a police cadet I will play and level up but unfortunately every time I reconnect and go to play again it has reset my level to 0. I had gotten level 6 the first time, 4 the next time I played and am now currently level 1. I do not wish to try to play the cadet role again until this issue is fixed so I can actually advance in the career track. I would note that my paramedic level however has continued to go up and stay so I'm not sure if there is maybe a user file for my character that has gotten corrupt or? Either way very unfortunate. Thank you for the assistance and look forward to hearing back in a timely manner.

All the best.

Skyler Curtin
Not open for further replies.