Refund Request v2

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Henry Malarky

New Member
Sep 9, 2019
Henry Malarky
Dab Arms

VCMod Update (10/7)
When I logged on to get my car I noticed that it was an error sign, so I unsubscribed from all the content and resubscribed, still it was an error sign. I decided to uninstall Gmod and Reinstall it over night, when I got on today, it was still an error sign. I talked to two moderators about this, one yesterday, one today, they told me to make a refund request and they couldn't do anything else about it

2011 Ford Focus SVT


MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
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Jul 6, 2018
Please take this issue to the "technical support" section of the forums so we can attempt to resolve the problem you are having with textures. Follow the format & guidelines and submit a thread talking about your issue, if it is still occurring.

Furthermore, at this time your refund request will be Denied.
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