Scrim Kubrin Refund Request

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Scrim Kubrin

Monolith Newcomer
Oct 14, 2020
In-Game Name: Scrim Kubrin

Steam Name: Scrimith

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:113359808

Date and time of loss: 10/14/20 12:40 am

What happened: I was going to the drug dealer and returning above ground from the metro when I was approached by 2 men with guns. At the time that was my first ever time growing / selling weed and I was not 100 % sure how to put my hands up. The two men told me and my friend to put our hands up and before we could respond we were shot dead and looted for our belongings. I then proceeded to call admin and staff member "KingDarien" told me to contact a higher up in the discord for my reimbursement due to the fact he did not have the permissions to do so. I messaged "gm1003" and he told me to create a post here, as I am doing now. I can supply videos of both the altercation and of KingDarien telling me he would reimburse me if he could and to create a Refund Request.

What do you need refunded: 17 bags of ready to sell Foiled Marijuana and 3 Marijuana seeds.

Evidence: Initial Report Clip and KingDarien Telling Me To Ask For Refund


MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
Forum Moderator
Media Creator
MRP Recruitment Team
Apr 7, 2020
@Scrim Kubrin

Request Accepted, we have issued your refund. When you are next online, please go to the NPC located in the bank to collect your refund. If you find any issues, please contact a Server Director or a member of the Community Management team.

Best Regards,
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