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Doom Guy

Monolith Senior
Nov 3, 2020
a Basement being told to play Monolith
Your Steam Name: Doom guy
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:534029976
Your Character Name (If Applicable): Tyler Gard

Admin being reported( Tag by writing @ before their forum name) @SpacedSloth

Reason for Report: Biased/Absurd Ban length
Time of Occurrence: yesterday-Today
Evidence to support your claim:

I Usually don't make staff reports unless i find it a problem, and this is a problem. I got on the server on the 19th (Date of the LTAA), I had a altercation with a police captain at the time and he demoted me and went to arrest me, I wasn't dealing with it and said "Eat dick" Before using the ingame quit button and leaving. Assuming i got a 12 hour LTAA ban, I had gotten off and didnt rejoin for 24 hours and when i had decided to rejoin the next day i was banned for "LTAA/Player Harassment" by Spaced Sloth and the length of the ban at that time was "5 days 22 hours". I don't understand why "Player harassment" was added or why my ban was extended for so much. I pinged Spaced Sloth in the discord "@Spaced Sloth 1 week for telling a guy to fuck himself" he responded with hes been at work and didnt know i was talking about and i said "The ban is by Spaced Sloth" and he responds with "Oh I know what you're talking about. Yeah brother you earned this, responding to your appeal.". After this I get this on my appeal:

"History: You had just come off a 2 week ban (for RDM in this case) the day before, and before being issued that one, you had just come off a one week ban from back near the end of November. You're a player that has a history of breaking rules and has been receiving large bans from that as of late. Only then to be coming back from said bans and immediately breaking the rules again causing yet another extended ban.

Value: Personally I feel there is no value in granting leniency to someone who has shown through consistently repeated actions that they are not going to abide by our set of rules and has a recent history to match. It does not matter to me that it is not RDM related, it matters that recently, when you return to our community, you seemingly decide to just not follow rules. I know you understand that actions have consequences, and since you didn't seem to care about the LTAA ban as the way you DC'd showed. The week was imposed so that you do, they will only get longer with continued rule breaks, that being said...

I will be willing to remove the ban and accept this appeal under the agreement that any further player oriented rule violations (IE RDM, breaking raid timer on player owned homes, Player Harassment etc.) will result in a 1 year ban. If this is acceptable please reply as such and this appeal will be accepted promptly."

I removed Some of it to shorten this SR and only kept some of the key points I'd like to talk about:

All the bans I've receive come from a excess of the same Punishment and has stated from both the "Value" and "History" this ban wasnt that but from a excess of another type of punishment, I don't think i even have a LTAA Ban and the "Player harassment" ban came from a insult I gave before I disconnected which isn't player harassment and it isn't anything near it.

Another thing is the "Offer" given to me, This was supposed to be a 12 hour LTAA ban AT MOST, but was turned into a week because of a biased staff member and a "if you break another rule you get a 1 year ban" offer for a ban that shouldn't have even been added is also another great showing of biased.

There was also nothing in my appeal telling me why "Player Harassment" was added to my ban, and it wasnt even explained in his 3 "Core tenants" on why i was banned for the length. Saying something and DCing in their face isnt a reason to add 6 days and 12 hours to a ban or to add Player harassment either and it isn't "A place of malice" to say something before DCing, I disconnected through the Gmod menu I didnt find a exploit a LTAA ban.

Thank you to the person that told me to make this SR

Thats All i have to say if someone wants to ask a question Please DM me on discord: Doom Guy#2040, Unless you're spaced sloth he has me blocked

Additional members involved/witnessing:N/A
Read, understood and followed staff report rules?: yes


MRP Server Director
MRP Server Director
Forum Moderator
Nov 3, 2019

After you left the server you went ahead on discord and said this:1671989570238.png

Which is the reasoning on the player harassment part of the ban. The ban if fully justified given your history of toxicity.

Staff Report Denied.

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