Thanksgiving contest - 2018

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May 22, 2018
Thankfull for this entire community, the staff, the beautifull moments i had laughing and well raging over minifridges i lost. the fun times i had with @something @rxsm @Bob King @Superheavy lester, ben and the people i still play arma with and who actually still held contact with me outside of mono, those people being @rako @Valentino Meid @Alfie Jones @Superheavy @Hazza @Tropicalapples . This community has been a godsent for all it's been to me, and, who knows. Maybe, just juuust maybe i might come back better than ever with some more staff experience on my belt ;) The Communist party was also a godsent. Thank you to everyone, new or old, bad or good, rulebreakers or angels, y'all still part of this community, even if you banned for a month or so.


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Nov 23, 2018
I am thankful for all the store owners in Paralake, every time I log off or go to do something, they are there 23/7. Respect
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Monolith Grinder
I am personally thankful for the successful community that we have. Over the past, around 10 months I have seen the community grow and change for the better. While I haven't been here for as long as others I have certainly have had an amazing time on here. I think that the community has been amazing, even though we have had our hardships and have a couple of flaws it is still amazing to see how much we have all grown and expanded. We, as the community, have shaped out what monolith is today and without our amazing community, we wouldn't be where we are, whether that would be for the cost, or for how players enjoy the server today.

Another group of people I am thankful for that many people do not appreciate all that often is the Developer Team that we have. Over the time that I have been here, the devs have constantly been updating the server and keeping it fresh even if GMod is 14 years old. They have added so many cool items to the server like the Factory system and the UI that have kept players constantly wanting to continue playing and wanting them to come back and enjoy more of the exclusive content and community that we have on our server. I feel like people don't give our Devs enough praise for what they do, however, so I want to take the time now to personally thank all the developers that have and had helped us out on the server, and to continue working hard for our community and making it better and more fun every update.

Another group of individuals that I feel isn't appreciated as much as they should be is the Mentor Team. The mentor team, although a lot different since I have started on the server, have made my experience, as well as everyone else's experience a lot better. They help out the community so much, answering questions all the time, and helping new players start out on the server. There are also a couple individuals who aren't mentors but continue to help out our community, and I also want to thank you guys for helping out the server. Mentors have almost always been underappreciated and a lot is expected of them. Although it may not seem like it, their job is extremely difficult, as they have to constantly be answering questions in OOC as well as in !help chat. They are often unappreciated and, at times disrespected for not doing "as they are supposed to", even though the job isn't as easy as everyone expects for it to be. So thank you, for constantly helping out our server and answering all our questions, even if many of them are repeated :p.

Finally, I would like to thank the Staff team. The staff team have always been an amazing part of our server and have especially helped build monolith to what it is today. They constantly deal with players who either fail to follow the rules or just need help with common things like getting stuck. The staff team as well as the mentors, are expected to be superhuman and constantly carry out their job above all else which I believe it is false to a certain extent. I feel as if they are often times treated terribly and underappreciated for what they do and what they constantly have to deal with. I want to personally thank the entire staff team, recent, or old, for your help to maintain and help out our player base. Thank you for taking valuable time out of your lives just to deal with our communities crap when it needs to be dealt with. I have a basic understanding with what you guys deal with but even with this basic level of understanding, I see a small fraction of the stuff you guys have to deal with on a daily basis and I know it is very difficult to handle, but you guys to it anyway and I will always appreciate you guys for doing it.

Again, thank you to everyone on this server, whether you hold a position or not, for helping monolith become what is today. Regardless of prize or not, I am extremely thankful for everyone's job in making monolith one of the best servers on GMod. I hope everyone continues to enjoy the server and to remember to always be thankful for what we have and to never underappreciate what we have and take it for granted. We should always be thankful for the things that have been provided from them, not just this week/day. Together we have shaped monolith into one large community that will hopefully be enjoyed for months/years to come.

Lola Meid

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Apr 12, 2017
The hague, The Netherlands
Hello everyone !
So it got a bit delayed, but we managed to pick our winners!

3. @Gregg 15.000 monodollars
2. @Clouds 30.000 monodollars
1. @A Sack O' Salt and @DangerZone640 50.000 monodollars each (they turned out to be equally good)

Thank you all for participating amd congrats winners! Make sure you contact a Senior Admin+ for your prize and refer them to this post. Thanks again and cya at christmas with new contests and ofc updates :)
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