Vdm ban

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Jimbo Fisher

New Member
Apr 18, 2019
Steam Name: Arron Malone
Your SteamID: Twelfthscroll75
Your Character Name: Jimbo Fisher

Ban Length: 2 days
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @PMX

Ban Reason: Vdm
Unban Reason: I don't understand how i got banned for vdm last night I was having really bad lag and my scrips failed and my screen was frozen and I was trying to drive and my game froze then crashed so I never meant to hit anyone or anything Im guessing because im banned I did and im sorry i never meant to. Can I please get unbanned I never meant to do that I had a computer issue

Time of Occurrence: idk
Additional members involved/witnessing:


Community Manager
Community Manager
Forum Moderator
Report Management
MRP Recruitment Team
Dec 3, 2016
You literally drove into the entrance of town hall. In addition, if you are experiencing lag to the point of not being able to drive, dont drive. Lag is not an excuse.

Im going to accept it this once but if it happens again we wil revoke your driving privileges..

Appeal Accepted.
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