GUIDE Weed Guide [2021 Edition]

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Monolith Rookie
Sep 18, 2021

The weed profession uses the farming skill to cultivate weed. Weed can either be used or sold for a profit. You must be at least farming level 15 before starting.

This guide assumes previous experience with the farming skill. For more information, click
here to visit the guide.

Players should buy the following items before proceeding with the guide.

  • Farming Equipment
    • Watering Can [Required]
    • Small Light Tent [Required]
    • Watering Extension Kit [Optional]
    • Barrel of Water [Optional]
  • Processing Equipment
    • Microwave [Required]
    • Foil Machine [Required]
  • Weed Items
    • Marijuana Seed(s) [Required]
    • Bucket Pot(s) [Required]
    • Soil Pack(s) [Required]
Visit the drug dealer at one of his locations to purchase these items.

Additional items, such as the watering can, can be purchased from the hardware store.

Follow the steps below to produce high quality weed.

> Property Selection
Select a property that has standard outlets, this will be used to power the farming and processing equipment. Any location will be fine, but be mindful when choosing a property in an active or inactive area of the map.


> Weed Cultivation
Use a small light tent to house the marijuana plants and prevent the smell from reaching the outside.

1: Deploy a Small Light Tent and plug it into a standard outlet.
2: Deploy six Bucket Pots and place them into the Small Light Tent.
3: Press E on each pot to fill it with soil. One Soil Pack is enough to fill two Bucket Pots.
4: Use the Watering Can to fill the water bar for each Bucket Pot.
5: Press E on each pot to plant a Marijuana Seed.
6: Water the plants until they reach 100% growth.
7: Harvest each plant to collect one Wet Hash.




> Automatic Watering System
Use a watering extension kit to water your plants automatically.

1: Deploy a Small Light Tent and plug it into a standard outlet.
2: Open your inventory and select Use on the Watering Extension Kit. Make sure that you are looking at the tent.
3: Look at the Computer and press E to refill the system.
4: Look at the Computer and press Alt + E to toggle the system.


[!] Extension Kit Noise
The watering extension kit makes a considerable amount of noise when in use. Keep this in mind if you select a property in an active area of the map.

[!] Drug Item Limit
Players can deploy a maximum of five drug items at any given time.

Follow the steps below to prepare weed for the market.

> Microwave and Foil Machine
Use a microwave to dispense dry hash and a foil machine to wrap it.

1: Deploy the Microwave and Foil Machine. Plug the Microwave into a standard outlet.
2: Place the Microwave over and behind the Foil Machine.
3: Deploy the Wet Hash and place it into the Microwave. Press E on it to start the drying process.
4: The Microwave will dispense one Dry Hash., which will drop into the Foil Machine automatically based on placement.
6: The Foil Machine will dispense 1-3x Foiled Hash.


Visit the drug dealer at one of his locations to sell foiled hash.

> Drug Dealer
Sell your foiled hash to the NPC. Refer to the table below for the payout a player can expect to earn.

1x Foiled Hash$435
32x Foiled Hash$13,920


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