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  • Glendal gang
    Glendal gang replied to the thread REPORT RDM.
    I heard him say on radio "that we got officers down"
  • PizzaButT32
    In the first clip, I kept tabbing out to turn on my Spotify cause I knew I was finna get into something nasty and had to play some...
  • Joey.
    Joey. replied to the thread REPORT Player Report.
    It’s been over 48 hours
  • Deruta
    When it comes into displacing a vehicle from the start of it's initial position, there are a few things with that. Initially taking a...
  • H
    heyitskev replied to the thread INFO Event Feedback.
    VDM Defense Date of Event: 5/20/2022 Survey:
  • DerpDeGames
    DerpDeGames replied to the thread COP BL.
    I, James Winters state that: Blacklisting party was @Thegamingshain Blacklist occurred 9 days ago. I issued Mr. Keem's most recent...
  • Evilassassin
    Alternatively to towing the vehicle you could have pushed it or moved back into an appropriate spot, shit even the parking garage as...
  • Evilassassin
    I appreciate your reasonability especially since I complied with his checkpoint to his fullest extent and he did something physically to...
  • Prx Jek
    Prx Jek reacted to Horrendous's post in the thread The Informal's with Like Like.
    [] The Informal's [] ---------------------------------- [][] [][] ---------------------------------- No explanation needed... you know...
  • Aeshiku
    Aeshiku replied to the thread 5/20/2022 Ban.
    Thank you, I didnt even know that was a thing. I appreciate it a lot
  • Aeshiku
    Aeshiku replied to the thread 5/20/2022 Ban.
  • Aeshiku
    Aeshiku replied to the thread 5/20/2022 Ban.
    it says the uploaded file is too large. Anyone know how I can share it another way.
  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross posted the thread COP BL in Server Blacklist Appeals.
    Your Steam Name:Bob Ross Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:422377339 Your Character Name:Samuel keem Which Staff blacklisted you:idk i got the...
  • rxsm
    rxsm replied to the thread 5/20/2022 Ban.
    Id suggest posting your demo located at garrys mod/data/monolithreplays most recent file
  • Aeshiku
    Aeshiku posted the thread 5/20/2022 Ban in Server Ban Appeals.
    Steam Name: lil smokey Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from 1118475461 Your Character Name: Mike Eagle Ban Length: perm...