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    Monolith Staff

    @chrisv184 Has joined the team as a trial moderator!
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    Staff Quotes.

    :avocado: -Tristan "Slow down there partner: -Gm1003 "An RBMK reactor cannot explode" -Anatoly Dyatlov
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    [MRP MINI-EVENT] Monolith: Truenorth Powerplant - Completed

    @Brad is credited for evacuating everyone safely. Without him things could have gone much worse.
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    Monolith Staff

    Congratulations to @Joey for joining the staff team as a Trial Moderator. :o
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    [MRP EVENT] Monolith: The Purge

    The point of that was to enforce the only rules on the server at the time. I don't think health is an issue because if you are shot at by them, you are breaking some kind of rule (and cannot shoot back). They are not to fight, they are just there to protect the spawn area and the bank (which you...
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    [MRP EVENT] Monolith: The Purge

    The bank will also be considered a safe zone, exclusively for non-premium members to retrieve weapons from their bank. (Also watch out for the VDMing battle bus)
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    MRP M16 Suggestion

    The gun doesn't actually make any noise on the outside. That's just a problem with the content pack.
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    You spelled water wrong.

    You spelled water wrong.
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    Want to lower ban

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    Refund Request Hoes Mad (Hasan Arabside)

    Please update the photo as we cannot view it.
  12. Yeffrey

    False cop raid

    Accepted. When you are next online, please go to the 'Refund Request' NPC located in the bank to collect your refund. If you find any issues, please contact me, a Server Director or a member of the Community Management team to assist you.
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    Refund Request

    Denied, unfortunately, you do not meet the criteria we have been provided to accept refund requests. If you feel like this was an error, please contact a Server Director or a member of the Community Management team. Insufficient evidence
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    Server crash

    Please update the attached photo as it cannot be viewed.