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  1. Iron Chef

    LSD Bug

    The flask explodes everytime you put it on the burner and it has been confirmed by an Staff Member Jet to me. In-Game Name: Candice Sugmo Steam Name: Chef SteamID: 76561199071960494 Date and time of loss (specify the timezone): What happened: I tried to do LSD, the moment i put a flask on a...
  2. Iron Chef

    LSD Bunsen Burner Bug

    So today I was casually trying to do LSD, but, my bunsen burner exploded everytime I tried to. A Staff Member Jet told me that this was a bug and told me to make a refund request here for: 2 Chemical Powder, 2 Flasks, 2 Compact Burners, 2 Flasks supports and 2 propane. @Jet
  3. trinitiseb

    refund request

    Date and time of loss (specify the timezone): 7:50 06/01 What happened: Server crashed as i won a 1000 chip bet on 0 green the moment server crash, if u check chat log i was in casino in over 1.5 hours. What do you need refunded: 1000 chips on 0 green win, (dont know the value) Evidence...

    Jhon Brown (Browny) - Refund Request

    Refund Request for "Browny" on behalf of SCOTTISH Note: I am writing this refund request for a user named Browny as It has been identified that they require assistance due to a disability, in which I have filled out all the details for him, as listed below: In-Game Name: Jhon Brown Steam Name...
  5. Goku

    item refund request

    In-Game Name: Peter Williams Steam Name: Goku SteamID: 76561198081250196 Date and time of loss: Friday, ‎January ‎3, ‎2020, ‏‎5:29:42 AM What happened: we got false raided by police and the moderator Mr.Alex was given proof from me and my friends and said we are good but said he can not refund...
  6. wellwell1707

    Refund request

    In-Game Name: Sven Biphop Steam Name: E789 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:124830938 Date and time of loss: 6:40pm GMT +2 What happened: There was a miscommunication and the situation escalated What do you need refunded: cocaine stove,cocain pot,10 stacks of coca leafs,10 drafting buckets,10 kerosine,10...
  7. Giselle

    Server Crash Refund Request 09/12/2019

    In-Game Name: Giselle Cliaux Steam Name: Yuki SteamID: STEAM_0:0:34023470 Date and time of loss: 09/12/2019 ~02:50 AM What happened: Server crashed What do you need refunded: 10x CoaCoa (grown), 1x Cooking Stove Evidence: Video
  8. Prx Jek

    Refund Requests: Sever crashed

    In-Game Name: Prx Jek Steam Name: Tezzybadazz1 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:164691240 Date and time of loss: 3/25/19 6:45 about What happened: The server crashed. Lost a premium radio, several med kits, 5 +50HP healing kits, and a marketing table
  9. yoribebe

    Refund request

    In-Game Name: Yori dentist Steam Name: Shaun SteamID: STEAM_1:1:54906201 Date and time of loss: 14:20 11/03/2019 (GMT-7) What happened: Server crash What do you need refunded: a flask stand, a burner, and a minifridge, and i wish to have back my furniture 11 double sink and 1 luxury double...
  10. Jeff will

    I was growing 5 weed and the server crashed

    Hello! I was growing 5 weed, and then the server crashed i have the video but i can't send it because its too lagemy name ingame is jeff will and my discord is Kuun#6362 (I also had a crafting table)
  11. T

    Juicy Vape Refund Request | Tris Tan

    In-Game Name: Tris Tan Steam Name: Tristan SteamID: STEAM_0:0:32667948 Date and time of loss: Jan 7 @ 4:05pm What happened: My premium juicy vape broke, it instructed me to repair it on a repair bench. I went to the hardware store and bought a repair bench just for it, and it says the item...
  12. Gret

    Gret Briddlehides rollback refund request

    Before the rollback, I was the only one that would be the security chief, so I had at least level thirty security and 20k$. I am slightly distraught that a day and a halves worth of waiting and being security was lost.


    In-Game Name: Niko Richards Steam Name: Mr.Orange SteamID: STEAM_0:1:224163323 What happened: i lost almost all of my money and that's because of the servers being offline and the roll back What do you need refunded: $20.000 Evidence: No evidence because i didn't know about it :(
  14. Fimp Dickstine

    Refund Request

    In-Game Name: Chip Lee Steam Name: KOBAYASHI™ SteamID: STEAM_1:1:45858119 Date and time of loss: When the server issue happened. What happened: Not exactly sure happened on y'alls end but I lost some stuff What do you need refunded: I lost 5 levels, 50k Cash and two HK 416 I had just...
  15. bolony21


    Lost a whiteboard while closing down shop n i accidentally picked it up with a full inventory, Moderator @Gamz was in the shop at the time helping me and is my evidence
  16. Gralex

    Lost gun crafting stuff (Furnance,conveyor and storage box)

    In-Game Name:Ivan Morozow Steam Name:Gralex SteamID: STEAM_0:1:80004949 Date and time of loss:19:35-19:45 GMT+2 What happened:Basiclly me and james had enough money to finally craft weapons, i bought furnance,conveyor and storage box, he bought ore crusher. We bought blue warehouse and placed...
  17. 187pyro

    Rollback Refund Request

    In-Game Name: Matthew Veira Steam Name: {187-TEKnix} SteamID: STEAM_1:1:20280169 Date and time of loss: Last night, early morning of 7/9/2018 -- I got offline around 2 AM EST What happened: I played all day yesterday, including when the database went offline - I lost a few crafting levels...
  18. Rwnoald Mcdownlad

    Lost some weed pots and plant seeds

    In-Game Name: Seth Scully Steam Name: Niceme3 SteamID64:76561198316818864 Date and time of loss: around 6:00 5/16/2018 central time What happened: Sever restarted, lost my weed seeds and pot.When there were six minutes(till restart) i got bored and ate What do you need refunded: 6 garden pots...
  19. KathuluTheDevour

    Refund Request

    In-Game Name: Eric Palladino Steam Name: KathuluTheDevour SteamID: STEAM_0:1:54359634 Date and time of loss: 2:15ish AM 5/6/2018 What happened: as a dick jocky i got my radio controller stuck in the glass of the elevator while i was making a run to the store. the admin that was helping me...
  20. Fine & Fresh Doggo

    Server crash; copper bars, metal table etc

    In-Game Name: Randy Fox Steam Name: Dr. Brotato: M.D. in Spuds SteamID: STEAM_1:1:21044776 Date and time of loss: 7:30 2/12/18 What happened: Server Crashed What do you need refunded: 1 Metal smithing table 2 Wood working tables 8 copper bars inside metal smithing table 16 wood planks inside...