How did you find Monolith?

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In what way were you introduced to Monolith?

  • From the server browser list on gmod

  • From a YouTube video (comment who!)

  • From a friend

  • From a live streamer

  • From other (comment)

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Valentino Meid

Monolith Grinder
Jun 10, 2017
The Netherlands
I always used to play on luxRP, when the "big update" (the update that made monolith go to rockford) monolith and that server merged with each other. Eventually they seperated again and I switched community from time to time but I sticked around monolith and I'm still here a few years later.


Well-Known Member
Jun 15, 2017
I played mainly Polish communities, but somehow I stumbled on an evocity trailer of monolith, which impressed me and few our friends - I have no idea how I found the trailer, but it was doing rounds around gmod communities for a bit.

Didn't play much back then (due to language barriers), but yeah.


New Member
Oct 7, 2018
United States
Originally found the server trailer in my recommended since I watched a lot of Garry's Mod videos when I was 12-13 and then got into watching PsiSyn play Arma 3 then saw Monolith RP First look and around June 2017.



Monolith Pleb
Dec 23, 2016
The Netherlands, Limburg
Initially I was searching for why I couldn't join Lemonpunch Half Life 2 RP because it wasn't showing up anywhere. It only lead me to the Monolith site where I still couldn't find anything. I thought if I made an account there would be the IP or something and they just changed name. Somewhere it said the server wasn't ready for launch yet so I just searched for another server.

Then about 7 months later I found the same video as Horrendous and thought 'Hey isn't that the Lemonpunch server? Maybe I can play a good hl2rp again'. It turned out that was the only server so I joined to see if it was as cool as the video showed. I didn't play serious but the most fun I had was as firefighter while Lola was chief and forcing everyone to enter one firetruck to save performance. I then got a warning point for ERP for doing a '/me masturbates to the firetruck radio' or something like that.

Server seemed like it had great content, staff and players were chill and cool, I wanted to be a part of it.


New Member
May 1, 2019
I used to play in usual darkrp servers (from my region) then a new server appeared on the Gmod darkrp browser. It was a santosrp server also called "city to". I liked it too much that gamemode were new to me, but the server was slowly dying due to the lack of players. Before it dies someone told me about monolith servers and it similarities with santosrp gamemode, then after the server has closed I went to monolith.


New Member
Oct 17, 2019
I played Perpheads for a few years, stopped playing it because the community also played Santos (MazeRP) for quite some time, took a break and went over to Clone Wars SeriousRP and I really missed those old PERP vibes so here I am.