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INFO Monolith Community Showcase SEPTEMBER 2023

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Reply to this thread with submissions for the September 2023 Community showcase, winners of each category will receive cash and items and be recognized within the community.

All posts must follow the submission guidelines and post format.

See a submission that you like? React with a Thumbs Up to cast your vote, the submission with the most votes in that category wins!

Top Frag (Short Clips of a great kill or kills)
Funniest Moment (Short clips...

INFO Monolith Anniversary Newsletter (07/04/23)

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Hello everyone,

Today marks our sixth anniversary as a community, since the very first launch of Monolith, back in 2017! This has been a fantastic journey, filled with incredible memories, moments and achievements that I am sure we will never forget. Lots of people have contributed and still actively contribute to this project and it wouldn't have been possible without them. We will get there shortly...

I joined this community before it even launched, like many others who are still here. To be honest with you, I had no idea to expect, as it was my first time being part of such a large and ambitious project. When I was invited to be part of the staff team as an administrator at the time, I was excited that I would be able to ensure everyone was having a good and fun experience in game and contribute to the development and growth of...

UPDATE Patch Update 2.2.5 - Release Changelog

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UPDATE 2.2.5

Not all changes have been documented. This update will be deployed to the US and Partner servers.

  • Buffed Dark Web XP for all contracts;
  • Buffed Dark Web loot and add new items (some exotics);
  • Increased Dark Web camera's regeneration time;
  • Gave AR15 to Department of Corrections Officers;
  • Changed security guard recruiter name (Bank of Rockford -> Bank of Monoford);
  • Reduced the number of Police Officers required to start any heist.
  • Fixed Profanity filter banning incorrect words (or most of them);
  • Fixed ATM not being deployable anymore;
  • Fixed dirty money not being sold anymore;
  • Fixed players being charged for ADs while dead;
  • Fixed Signs not working properly;
  • Fixed being unable to search toilets in PD if no Department of Corrections Officers are online;
  • Fixed...

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Rest In Peace Mono and Gmod. This was the last server I actually enjoyed left on gmod, After putting hundreds of character levels and years of work into this server it is both sad and relieving to say goodbye to garrysmod after starting in 2013 and ending on this day with 6445 hours of gameplay logged. Good day fellow gamers
EazyAlt wrote on Armada Strike's profile.
Thank you for your contributions to this amazing community, your service will not be forgotten.
when we playin mono
Juan Bonita wrote on rxsm's profile.
i want to grow up to be monolith staff member:cool: