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  1. Lola Meid

    Why are gangs so toxic?

    Because apparently being toxic equates to being cool. Sadly, there aren't many people who decide to play nice or at least communicate on a decent manner. Welcome to Garry's Mod I suppose. Hopefully you can find decent people who can guide you and help you enjoy our server more.
  2. Lola Meid

    knowing he has most of their votes/chairs, he won't be going anywhere. sadly

    knowing he has most of their votes/chairs, he won't be going anywhere. sadly
  3. Lola Meid

    IDEN's Ban Appeal

    Be patient and do not double post.
  4. Lola Meid

    Best ever memory of Monolith?

    Even though the server was small and quiet, I did enjoy the times in evocity back in 2017. I'm talking about 20 men per day and grinding bitcoins or growing weed from bathtubs. It just seemed simple, non-chaotic and a closer community where we knew each other right away. We have grown quite a...
  5. Lola Meid

    FEEDBACK A rant about the current way the staff take care of things

    Thanks for the feedback, but it's hard for me to take this into mind when it seems to be this thread was created on the same day you have been punished for a rulebreak. As far as I can gather from this long suggestion, is that you do not agree with the way staff manage questions OOC (help)...
  6. Lola Meid

    Ban Appeal

    Extended to 2 months. This vile behavior and harassment will not be accepted. Make sure to read our community rules during your time-out.
  7. Lola Meid

    not this again

    not this again
  8. Lola Meid


  9. Lola Meid

    Staff Report

    You need to fix the text as it is white in the middle.
  10. Lola Meid

    Staff Report

    This is probably one of the most absurd staff report I've seen in a while. You are reporting him for holding a ticket book out? As an officer? Jeez, how dare he. Where is the proof that you received any tickets from him? Why would you create a staff report for something you can deal with...
  11. Lola Meid

    Apparently I was a female a year ago. Thanks for the reminder bud

    Apparently I was a female a year ago. Thanks for the reminder bud
  12. Lola Meid

    INFO Monolith Staff

    @Smalley is now off trial.
  13. Lola Meid

    Post videos of the old days.

    its sent in private!
  14. Lola Meid

    Ban Appeal

    Someone reported you with video evidence that you tried to kidnap him in a public spot. Along with that, you told him that he will pick your ''cotton''. When looking in the logs you seemed to realize your intentions as you, and I quote, said "I just told a black man to pick my cotton lulz''. He...
  15. Lola Meid

    Discord Ban

    I think the picture below of you harassing someone in DMs will explain perfectly why you need a time-out. Just remember kids, don't take org drama this serious as it remains a game. PS. Don't follow your buddy Javichu's footsteps as he was pretty stupid enough to get himself permabanned.