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Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Janitor
Dec 1, 2016
Added 5.1.8

  • Civilian Tow Truck drivers are not permitted to tow vehicles unless requested by either the owner of the vehicle or the police to do so.


Community Director
Community Director
Dec 3, 2016
[CHANGED] [1.12] The usage of any kind of anti-AFK script or external game modification software is not tolerated. Using some form of AI to perform farming, mining, etc. is not allowed. The only exceptions we allow are the usage of the +attack, +left and +right commands, as long as you're immediately able to respond to in-game actions. If you do not respond to a staff member's attempts to get your attention, you are liable for breaching this rule.


MRP Server Director
MRP Server Director
Forum Moderator
Nov 3, 2019
[CHANGED] [1.13] You may not grief, troll, harass or do other things under the guise of “roleplay” with the intention of annoying other players. For example, becoming a tow driver and only towing/impounding cars of people you don’t like.
[CHANGED] [2.5.1] You may not use one-sided see-through or indestructible props for defensive measures.
[CHANGED] [] You may only take illegal items from a player’s inventory, this may include: Weapons, & drugs.
[CHANGED] [4.2.1] You may only perform one raid/heist (this counts for both ownable, un-ownable and government/public buildings), a hostage/kidnapping situation, or both situations simultaneously, per hour. This counts for both successful and unsuccessful situations. Survivors of a raid/heist may ignore the “raid cool-down” if they decide to free organization/party members from police custody or retrieve lost gear from the Police Department.
[CHANGED] [4.2.2] You may not participate in a criminal raid or heist if you are a government employee.
[CHANGED] [4.2.3] You are required to leave the area you raid or heist after you remove, destroy, or steal anything of value, regardless of the raid’s success. You may not stick around or wait until something of value is obtainable.
[CHANGED] [4.2.9] If you are killed during a raid, heist or attack, you must abide by the NLR and have no knowledge of the attack. You can not get called back as “backup” or “reinforcement”. Additionally, you can not raid the Police Department, Penitentiary or Sheriff's Department to retrieve your lost gear.
[CHANGED] [4.2.10] Prop placement during a raid, heist or gunfight is strictly forbidden. Law Enforcement is exempt from this rule as long as it’s done to set a perimeter.
[CHANGED] [4.3.1] Crew names must be reasonable and can't suggest or contain any racial, sensitive topics or profound words. Examples such as "Isis", "Meme Lords", "Nazi" are unacceptable. This is up to staff discretion.
[CHANGED] [] As a SWAT officer, you may not be on "standby" for a prolonged period of time at the police station if there is no imminent situation or context warranting SWAT. Active and coordinated training in the SWAT team can always be a valid reason for SWAT to be deployed, unless the Chief or Captain requests SWAT to flag down.
[CHANGED] [] Law Enforcement may ignore NLR and come back if called by active units on scene until they have died once for all raids.
[CHANGED] [5.6.1] As a Security Guard, you may only patrol inside and around public buildings. Patrolling inside and around private property is also allowed, with permission of the Head of Security, if there is one on duty, and the property owner.
[CHANGED] [Definition] Police Raid - The act of police engaging with any known or unknown occupants of a building, violent or otherwise, with the intention of apprehending or searching for them and the acts of confiscating or attempting to save the lives of any participant of the raid.
[ADDED] [] You may ONLY mug for a legal item if that same item was stolen from you within the past 30 minutes.
[REMOVED] [] You may ONLY mug for a legal item if that same item was stolen from you within the past 30 minutes.
[REMOVED] [] You may only mug for a legal item if that same item was stolen from you within the past 30 minutes.
[CHANGED] [] You may ONLY mug for a legal item if that same item was stolen from you within the past 30 minutes and from the players that originally took it from you.
[CHANGED] [2.2.17] You may not force mechanics to repair a vehicle at gunpoint, unless they are charging you more than $500, or you are in an urgent situation that warrants it, you will be exempt from mugging rule (public mugging) in doing so, but restricted to only requesting for the repair of your vehicle.
[CHANGED] [2.5.8] You cannot use factory equipment or other indestructible props for base defense purposes.
[ADDED] [] All drop on death items can be mugged from a player regardless of legality status: including but not limited to Electric Stoves, Kevlar and medical supplies.
[CHANGED] [] No more than $8,000 in cash can be mugged from another player in any robbery. As the victim, you have to drop all your money up to $8,000 maximum if you are in a situation that does not go against FearRP. You cannot force somebody to withdraw money from their bank account and give it to you.
[CHANGED] [] You may mug for a item if that same item was stolen from you within the past 30 minutes and from the players that originally took it from you.
[ADDED] [] Law Enforcement may confiscate items which are not illegal but proved to be used in illegal activities: including but not limited to Mini Fridge if the criminal was making LSD, Electric stove if the criminal was making cocaine, Armor/medkits if they were used in a shooting. The confiscated items must be destroyed. You need to be able to justify the confiscation to staff if needed.
[CHANGED] [5.6.1] As a Security Guard, you may only patrol inside and around the entrances/exits of public buildings, banks, gas stations, jewelry stores and cargo ships.
[ADDED] [5.6.2] As a Security Guard you may also patrol inside public businesses with the permission of the Head of Security and the business owner. (The absence of Head of Security voids the possibility of patrolling the private property.)
1. You can request/accept payments from the business owners for your services.
2. You may only patrol the business property if you have knowledge that all the activities inside it are legal, or lack knowledge about any illegal activities happening inside.
3. If you acquire knowledge for any illegal activities through IC (in-character) you are required to stop patrolling the area immediately and report it to the police
4. If the private property you are patrolling gets raided by Police:
-you are NOT allowed to fire against police officers.
-you are required to exit the property and report to the police about the situation (if possible).
-you are required to surrender yourself to the police if they request so.
(Credits go to the whole staff team)
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