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UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.4

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Patch Update 2.5.4​


Good evening! Pretty small patch but a lot of improvements and fixes. We had a fairly big focus on improving the new player experience as well as some of the issues brought up in the community meeting. We'll be working on the major next after this patch so look forward to that!

Drug Dealer Sales​

Drug dealers will now have fire sales every hour, during these "sales" certain drugs will sell for more. Hopefully this incentivises making more of a drug during the sale as well as making less used drugs.


New Player Experience​

Unsurprisingly Monolith is quite tough on new players in its current state, we are working to improve that with this update and future ones. We've...

UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.3

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Patch Update 2.5.3​


Hello there, welcome to the epic patch notes. Similar to last patch we've got a lot of improvements/changes and fixes to the gamemode. A few of these changes are based on the feedback from the previous community meeting, we're still working through all the notes taken so there'll be more to come. After this update there will be another patch which will be focused on improving the new player experience and other QoL changes. The focus going forward is making a lot of changes to QoL, balancing and new player gameplay. We're planning a major update within a few weeks as well that will have more content rather than just changes.

Bank/Jewelry Heists + SWAT​

To help improve the use of SWAT by the police department a few changes have been made, SWAT are now automatically...

UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.2

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Patch Update 2.5.2​


Greetings! We've got a fairly small patch compared to the last one, it still includes some nice feature changes and bug fixes, just not as many as last patch. A lot of feedback has been implemented with this patch as well as fixes to some previously known issues. The next update after this one will include a lot bigger changes to the server!

Gang Zone Rewards​

Following along with the previous patch update gang zones will be receiving more improvements. One of the issues mentioned with the original reward system was the daily bonuses provided per zone, these were easily abused by having more members capturing, additionally the daily rewards were not affected by player count (could be farmed with 1 player online).

Replacing daily bonuses is the new territory store...

UPDATE Patch Update 2.5.1

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Patch Update 2.5.1​


Hello! This patch is aimed at improving features added in major update 2.5 as well as fixing issues/bugs. There are a lot of minor changes in this update that should hopefully improve the QoL and make some things easier.

After this update the current plan is to do another patch that should improve even more on some of the features from 2.5, improvements/additions to underwater diving and territories should be included. A little bit after the patch is going to be major 2.6 which will include major changes to the vehicle system as well as other new features.

Gang Zone Improvements

As part of improving gang zones I took on a lot of the feedback from players and tried to implement it, the full changes can be seen in the change log. One of the...

UPDATE Major Update 2.5

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Major Update 2.5​


It has been a while since the last major update (~2 months), this update should change that, seeing as it's a major update. The aim of this update is to hopefully bring some new features that will give existing players a lot of new content to enjoy, as well as bringing new players and old players to the server. This update is one of our biggest in a while and I hope it shows in the content below. Thanks from the development team, we hope you enjoy it!

Gang Territories "Gang Zones"

As a part of this aim of giving existing players content to enjoy we decided to work on gang zones, this feature has been sitting around for a while. This feature aims to improve the activity of organizations on the server, it should give them dedicated areas to fight...

UPDATE Patch Update 2.4.4 - Release Changelog

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UPDATE 2.4.4


  • Switched to new Monoford (layer 1) map
  • Monoford will be restricted to the first layer, all entities from layer 2 have been moved to layer 1
295601a5-5459-42db-9eba-6ee670f6b415 (2) (1) (1) (1).png
image (9).png
  • Removed unnecessary TDM vehicle wheel effects
  • Optimised player voice check code
  • Optimised water crash damage (damage taken when falling into water)
  • Optimised player drowning
  • Optimised player stamina functions
If any of the above optmisations have changed the way something used to work then please make a bug report.

The update will be deployed on the...

UPDATE Platform Update 2.4.0 - Release Changelog

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UPDATE 2.4.0

Not all changes have been documented. This update will be deployed to the US and Partner servers.

  • Implemented daily missions for Civilians, Police, and Fire/EMS jobs.
  • Introduced new quests for Security Guards.
  • Integrated dark mode into the Tweeter phone app.
  • Implemented robbable convenience stores into the game.
  • Introduced carriable briefcases for item storage.
  • Added a step in the tutorial quest to guide players on opening the quest menu.
  • Integrated an automatic content manager to help download missing addons.
  • Initiated a quest for metalworking using the mining furnace.
  • Reworked the prestige system into a new mastery system.
  • Added a job experience boost item.
  • Introduced a new feature to expand or collapse the mission HUD.
  • Integrated French localization for challenges and missions...

UPDATE Patch Update 2.3.4 - Release Changelog

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UPDATE 2.3.4

Not all changes have been documented. This update will be deployed to the EU and Partner servers.

  • Added house alarm 911 upgrade.
  • Changed the server location to EU.
  • Changed the server map to Paralake.
  • Fixed ticketbook scaling issues.
  • Fixed issues with crownvic not spawning.
The update will be deployed on the next server restart, today.

UPDATE Patch Update 2.3.3 - Release Changelog

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UPDATE 2.3.3

NOTE: Not all changes have been documented. This update will be deployed to the US and Partner servers.

  • Monophone Taxi app.
  • Reduced the cost of heist bags.
  • Increase chance of getting blueprint.
  • Add HK416, L85, M1 Grand, M1 Carbine, Molotovs to Cargo raid.
  • Diamonds can now be obtained from jewlery cabine.
  • Gun license test at license clerk replaces mayor approval system.
  • Increase keycard drop chance to 100%.
  • Unemployment paycheck.
  • Whitelist pine deputy job.
  • All job payouts were increased.
  • Detective car colours were changed.
  • Ticketbook scaling for certain resolution.
  • Audi R8 Spyder issue fix.
  • Tweeter text entry issues.

The update will be deployed on the next server restart, today.

UPDATE Patch Update 2.3.2 - Release Changelog

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UPDATE 2.3.2

Not all changes have been documented. This update will be deployed to the US and Partner servers.

  • Implemented an option to disable Tweeter sound notifications.
  • Chat Filter to Tweets.
  • Introduced Deputy Chief Police Job role.
  • Enabled trading of Santa Jordan's items.
  • Integrated Day/Night Cycle for enhanced gameplay experience.
  • Bodygroups now copy to ragdolls
  • Increased profitability of regular meth production.
  • Refined meth quality calculation formula.
  • Restored handcuff ban warning system.
  • Adjusted bucket crafting recipe, reducing required bars from 24 to 16.
  • Continuation of Vehicle Rework:
    • Ford Mustang GT 2018
    • Ford Mustang RTR 2018
    • Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Custom
    • Tesla Model X 2015
    • Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 1985
    • Ford Bronco 1982 Police...

UPDATE Patch Update 2.3.1 - Release Changelog

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UPDATE 2.3.1

Not all changes have been documented. This update will be deployed to the US and Partner servers.

  • Added Mustang GT and GT RTR vehicles.
  • Added a panic button keybind setting.
  • Added the ability to change colors of unmarked police vehicles.
  • Added tweet alerts in the bottom right.
  • Added a setting to disable tweet alerts.
  • Added a phone top right notification sound.
  • Added a tweet tag system for New Players and Slavko.
  • Expanded the availability of premium lockers throughout the game's map.
  • Increased player experience (XP) for various jobs.
  • Integrated Tweeter tags for enhanced social media functionality.
  • Introduced new vehicle models, the Mustang GT and GT RTR.
  • Overhauled vehicle handling mechanics for improved gameplay.
  • Made changes to the economy of meth...

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